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Your Healthy Home Show- Who is most at risk for EVD68? How can you minimize the risk?

Your Healthy Home Show- Who is most at risk for EVD68? How can you minimize the risk?

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EV-D68?: Who is most at risk and how can you minimize the risk?

In mid August, Kansas City got a rash of cases of upper respiratory viruses. According to an article on the CDC's website to date their is 678 people from 48 states and the District of Columbia with this respiratory illness caused by EV-D68 which stands for his Entrovirus. Many cases have spread quickly. A high-risk group affects children. We all should be concerned about this virus EV-D68 that's so rapidly occurring in our country. Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) is one of more than 100 non-polio enteroviruses. This virus was first identified in California in 1962. Infants, children, and teenagers are most likely to get infected with EV-D68 and become ill. That's because they do not yet have immunity (protection) from previous exposures to these viruses.

Pandemic vs Epidemic

An pandemic is different than an epidemic. An epidemic is something that occurs in one location (country) and a pandemic occurs in several locations (countries), There have been different pandemics in the past in our history. Some of these pandemics are mentioned towards the end of this article.

How Can We Be Prepared?

We want to be prepared; so what are the things we want to have in our homes today that would not be on the grocery shelves if a pandemic occurs?

  • Distilled white vinegar: All of us should have some distilled white vinegar because it kills viruses (use as a general household cleanser)
  • Unscented chlorine bleach: If water is contaminated do you know a few drops of bleach in a gallon of water and make it so that that water would be safe to drink
  • Rubbing Alcohol: Great for sanitizing and disinfecting
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: You can consider hydrogen peroxide one of the best household remedies available, second probably only to apple cider vinegar. Because it is made of just two natural elements, it safely and effectively treats health concerns. Much like ozone, H2O2 actually treats diseases and invasive organisms by oxidation.

Store these items in a cool dark place. Usually basements are good. We typically don't think of these items until we actually need them.

Preventive Things You Can Do To Minimize The Risk And Reduce Spreading The Virus.

  • Stay home when you're sick: Stay home from work or school when you're sick
  • Get rest: When you are getting sick, get rest right away if you can. It won't last as long because your body can fight it.
  • Wash you hands: Handwashing is easy to do and it's one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of many types of infection and illness in all settings - from your home and workplace to child care facilities and hospitals. Clean hands can stop germs from spreading from one person to another and throughout an entire community. ( Clean Hands Save Lives )

Undocumented Immigrants Bringing Diseases Across Border?

If a child or someone you know has virus such as the EV-D68 virus, it would make sense that you would isolate that person from the rest of the family so to protect others. A legal immigrant has to show that they're healthy and have had certain protections against certain disease before they're allowed into a country. Do you know all those rules recently went out the window?

MCALLEN, TX - There's a growing health concern with hundreds of illegal immigrants crossing over into southern Texas. U.S. Border Patrol agents are worried that what's coming over into the U.S. could harm everyone. This time the focus is not on the women and children that are crossing over in droves. Agents are worrying about a viral outbreak. "We are sending people everywhere. The average person doesn't know what's going on down here," said Border Patrol agent and Rio Grande Valley Union representative Chris Cabrera. Cabrera says agents are seeing illegal immigrants come over with contagious infections. Detention centers and holding facilities have quarantined areas for those who come in sick. But Cabrera says the sick and healthy are separated only by caution tape. "There's been an outbreak of scabies that's been going on for the past month," Cabrera said. Texas border resident Jorge Garcia says word about the contagious skin infection is getting around. "Our Border Patrol agents check on us all the time and they told us about the outbreak of scabies," Garcia said. Cabrera says the sickness doesn't stop at scabies. "We are starting to see chicken pox, MRSA staph infections; we are starting to see different viruses," Read more-

"They are transporting these people to different parts of the state and different parts of the country and The Department of Homeland Security basically changed the rules. All of these illegals did not have to get any type of protection. They are putting children into our school systems"

We want to be a loving country and we want to bring people in but it isn't fair to the ones that are legal and having to pay to be healthy and then we just let anybody else come in. We are not even given permission as a parent to the weather we want them in the school system. Our tax dollars are paying for them while they are sick and affecting our kids. What is this coming too? It's almost like the Government doesn't want America to exist.

These are basic things that can cause pandemics in America. It's this Administration that is ones who should be held accountable for this in the future if and when stuff happens. It does not make any sense that we have a procedure and we are not following it.

Feds Bend CDC Rules for Sick Illegal Immigrants

Individuals and families immigrating to the U.S. legally are required to pay for and undergo medical examinations by approved physicians; those who are deemed as having "inadmissible health-related conditions" are not allowed into the country. But the same standards are not applied to illegal immigrants, many of whom remain in the U.S. despite testing positive for diseases that would prevent law-abiding migrants from entering. The current border crisis has involved tens of thousands of Central Americans entering the U.S. illegally. Some of these individuals have tested positive for illnesses including tuberculosis, chicken pox, and other viruses–despite this, most of them are not immediately deported. Rather, they stay and receive medical care subsidized by U.S. taxpayers. Read more-

"Is it possible that the increase of respiratory problems is because of the rash of illegal immigrants coming in?"

"What happened to Ellis Island and what is wrong with the system that kept us safe? Our parents and ancestors came over and there was systematic way of getting into the United States"

Agents have also been exposed to TB by the migrant population, according to the DHS report. Fox News recently reported that at least one Border Patrol agent contracted a "severe" case of TB from infected illegal immigrants who he was caring for.

If we go to other countries, they require us to prove good health (strict policies)

Right after World War I, in 1918, there was influenza they called it the Spanish Flu. It killed more people than the war did in s short period of time. When talking to people who survived it, they said they were threw bodies mass graves. It was not good. This is happened before so don't think that it can't happen again.

Top 5 Deadliest Outbreaks Of Pandemics In History

  • The Black Death: Black Plague in 1347 – 1351 estimated that 75 million people perished (Some estimate as high as 200 million perished)
  • Spanish Flu: In 1918 estimated that 200 thousand people perished. (Kansas was the site of the first US case)
  • HIV Aids: This is a pandemic we're still battling. As of 2011 at least 60 million people had been infected by AIDS and 25 million had died. (Estimated that 35 million people are believed to have HIV in 2012)
  • The Plague of Justinian: In the year 541, rats on Egyptian grain boats brought a pestilence to the Easter Roman Empire that would ultimately leave approximately 25 million people dead. (Estimating that at one point as many as 5,000 people died per day in Constantinople, the empire's capital.)
  • The Antonine Plague: Outbreak began in 165 and lasted until 180. An estimated five million people died from what is now thought to have been smallpox.

Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself From Viruses & Colds

  • Get a humidifier before you turn on the heat in your house. A humidifier will add moisture to the air. You want to keep the moisture around 40% to 45% relative humidity. If relative humidity goes lower than that then when someone sneeze travels it can travel easier.
  • Garlic has a what we call allicin. Allicin is responsible for that smell that you smell in the garlic. When it enters the digestive track, it exerts its powerful potent biological. Garlic is highly nutritious. It's high in vitamin C, high in vitamin B6, and it has 23% of what you need in magnesium per day. In addition, garlic has a decent amount of calcium, copper, potassium, phosphate, iron and B1 vitamin. It all comes with only l with 1.8 g of protein. (A study suggest that it reduce the common cold by 63 by taking a garlic supplement) Garlic lowers your blood pressure and it also improves your cholesterol levels. It has antioxidants that may help you prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia. I can help you live longer!
  • Wash your hands.
  • Try to avoid placing your hands around or in your eyes, nose, or mouth. The flu virus droplets can easily enter and infect sensitive body areas such as the eyes, nose, or mouth.

Number one thing you can do for your family is to eat right and stay healthy. The stronger you are, the better you will be to fight off any type of infection. Eat right and give your family what you need.

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Before using any health tips to treat any health condition, consult your physician.

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