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Sump Pump Battery Backup: What does this mean to a homeowner?

One of the most important appliances in your basement or crawl space is a Battery Backup Sump Pump. We are in the season of frequent rainstorms that can cause basements and crawl spaces to flood. Most homeowners understand that they need a Sump Pump (Primary Sump Pump) to protect against groundwater in a basement and or crawl space. The primary sump pump operates on electrical power. When the power is not available due to outages, the sump pump will not work without an alternative power source such as battery backup.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a submersible electric pump that is installed in hole beneath your basement and or crawl space floor (Sump Pit). The pit is typically located at the lowest corner of the basement or crawlspace. When the water level rises in the hole (Sump Pit), the pump automatically turn on and pumps the water out of the basement or crawl space. Sump pumps cannot operate without electricity. Storms, blackouts, and other circumstance can cause power outages. A battery-backup sump pump can ensure that your sump pump continues to operate even when the power goes out. 

Why do homeowners need a Backup Sump Pump System?

A homeowner can have peace of mind knowing that their valuable storage and property are protected against water damage. Time and money are also a factor: it is not spent in the cleanup of water damaged materials and property.

A storm can interrupt power and cause your primary sump pump to stop working when you need it the most. Is it worth it? Insurance companies report that a flooded basement can cost over $30,000 to $50,000 in restoration.

Reasons for a Backup Sump Pump System:

  • When the power goes out
  • When the primary pump is fails (mechanical problems)
  • When the primary pump gets overwhelmed
  • When the primary pump discharge pipe gets clogged or frozen
  • When circuit breaker trips or the power cord gets unplugged

Homeowners should have a Secondary Backup Sump System. When you primary sump pump stops working one day, you can be rest assured that your backup pumping sytem will continue to pump.

Comments from our customers:

When that "backup" battery kicked in.. EVERY PENNY WAS WORTH IT !!!!! I Live at Misquamicut.. I stayed !! I PREVAILED !!! Russell

Thank you! the best thing that I had done. It really paid for itself during last flood storm. Thanks and keep up the good work! Gene T.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Our Battery Backup System is working perfectly and we are the only house in the neighborhood with a dry basement after the recent rainstorms. We recommend you every chance we get!!! Ronnie A.

Protect Against Power Loss & Primary Sump Pump Failure

GrateSump PlusTM battery backup sump pump system. If your power goes out, you have a safe operating time until your power is turned back on. A battery back up system should be installed with every primary sump pump system.

GrateSump Plus (2400GPH)

  • Primary Sump Pump System with Battery Backup
  • 2400GPH with AC or DC Power
  • GrateSump - Advanced Sump Pump Liner
  • FastSump Pump - 1/3HP Sump Pump
  • FastSump Power Inverter 900w Inverter converts 12v DC to 115v AC
  • Sealed Battery - 100AH
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