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shopping for a new home???

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  • shopping for a new home???

    Scouting for a New Home?

    As a certified contractor with Pioneer Basement, as well as a past Real Estate Agent, I have learned a few tell tale “tips” in my years of experience.

    1. Check the immediate area for a water source. Ponds, lakes, streams, rivers etc. An interesting fact is about where these bodies of water come from. Below the surface of the ground we walk on, there can be lots of stored water….a stream, river. Pond etc is simply an area where the built up hydrostatic pressure way down deep forced its way up….the pressure caused a crack in the earths surface….and the water worked its way to the visual surface. …. (this may sound familiar ????… is the same concept with the floor in your basement….) Hydrostatic pressure is VERY forceful…..100lbs per sq. inch strong!!! So if you see a body of water near or around the home you are looking to buy, chances are there is a high water table….if the pressure was released into the body of water, it may not/or may….rear it’s ugly head one day in your basement….
    2. Many things can affect the water table…..crazy as it sounds….heavy equipment doing construction, or road repair. Blasting, Tree removals etc. All things that can shift the earth around the home…. (Even as far as ½ mile) can cause water that is now being held back way beneath our feet somehow, to come rushing at the house. I have personally seen this particular situation….
    3. I would also suggest asking the realtor if it is okay to take a little walk in any fields or woods that surround the house. Look for signs of wet lands….you may see water, and may not as it may just be dry that day….look for vegetation that denotes water as well. Skunk Cabbage, Cat of nine tails, lots of ferns in one spot etc…
    4. It is still okay to purchase a home with all of the above, so long as you take the right approach to totally waterproofing the basement. The best way is to install drainage, pumps, and cover the walls with our vaporbarrior.
    5. For the perfect solution, call our office and have a Certified basement Contractor come our for a free visit to look at the home, and make suggestions. You can get a written proposal with a total cost, if you are ready to do “what it takes” to make the home secure from water, dampness, and mold.
    6. Don’t feel you have to pass on the house of your dreams….We are here to help!!

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    Check if there is an affordable housing provision on the site. If there is, find out whether these homes will be managed by a housing association. Although this is unlikely to cause problems the developer may try to hide this from you, which affects your ability to make an informed decision about your purchase.